Saturday, November 22, 2008

I've Been Published!

Okay, okay. So I admit the title may be a little misleading, but true nonetheless. I had an editorial published in the Sonoma State Star newspaper. I read a scathing editorial by one of the professors at SSU and couldn't help but reply. Here is what he wrote:

Dear Editor,
If I was a California Chicken I'd be celebrating right now. As a human, it was a Black week--Uncle Tom in the White House, gay marriage down in flames here in Jesus-land.
It is appalling that a slim majority of America-hating Christo-fascists, these bigoted Bible-thumping, born gain (*yes, he did forget the "a" in again) blue-noses, can so easily trample the First Amendment guarantee of Separation of Church and State and the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee that All Citizens Are Equal Before the Law.
They have put their theology into our State's Constitution and they have put a Special Right for special classes of citizens into our State's Constitution as well. (The Supreme Court should be outraged--but it won't be.)
"Ba-RAACK Ba-RAACK BaRAACK!" -- I'm trying to sound like a celebratory chicken.

RL, Professor of Mathematics

So, here is what I wrote in reply:

Dear Editor,

I am writing in response to "Shocking results: Animal rights trump gay rights [Issue 12].
As one who identifies as what the author calls an "America-hating Christo-fascist," and a "bigoted Bible-thumping born [a]gain blue nose," I believe that his accusations were both unfair and inconsiderate.
As followers of Jesus, many Christians today, including myself, felt torn between the two sides of Proposition 8. On one hand, it is immensely hard to divorce oneself from the words of the Bible that looks down on any sort of sexually promiscuous lifestyle (1 Corinthians 6:8-10). And looking to the other side, they see God's desire for His children to promote equality in His Kingdom and for all in it (Job 31:13-15; Proverbs 22:2).
It seems that with this proposition, the Christians of California have come to an impasse. If they cast their votes yes, they are participating in the marginalization of a people group; and if they cast their votes no, they contradict their own moral and doctrinal standards of the Church. Undoubtedly a catch-22.
I am shocked at the author's immediate blame placed upon the Church for the success of this proposition. I am convinced that this proposition was not passed solely on by the influence of Christians, rather, I know many who voted No on Prop 8 because they felt it to be unjust; and they mourned with the gay community as they watched it pass.
It is the job of Christians to love people in the same manner that Christ loves the Church, regardless of their personal choices or lifestyles. The Lord desires nothing more to love His children and to see them loving one another.

Tamsen Wright, a follower of Jesus

So whaddaya think?

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