Monday, April 20, 2009

I Am...

The past four years I've really tried to find out who I am. Moving away from home and having the opportunity to re-invent myself Freshman year was quite refreshing. I'm not sure that a lot a lot changed, but these are some of the following things I think I am:
  • a student
  • an English major
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a friend
  • a good listener
  • a roommate to five wonderful women
  • someone who loves to sing
  • a writer
  • a baker
  • an aspiring seamstress
  • a dreamer
  • someone who enjoys being crafty
  • a bargain hunter
  • smiley
  • a big nerd who really enjoys editing people's papers
  • a feeler who is really bent out to be a thinker (thanks Myers-Briggs)
  • someone who doesn't really like being defined by tests but succumbs to it when it seems necessary
  • a former swimmer
  • a student assistant at the front desk of Administration and Finance
  • a closet fashonista
  • someone who loves knowledge but sometimes places too much value in it
  • a leader with InterVarsity Christan Fellowship
  • a lover of (not-so) guilty pleasures
  • a lime popsicle connoisseur

As I sit and think about all these things I cannot help but to wonder if this is how I should be looking at myself. Is this the real me? Am I seeing past the rose-colored glasses? What about the Tamsen who can be too much of an idealist and tires herself out far too often? What about the Tamsen who tries to think the best of people and wears her heart on her sleeve which can often lead to a bruise? What about the Tamsen who cannot stand when people bicker over silly things and makes snide remarks with her sharp tongue? What about the rationale-loving Tamsen who can be so heartless at times? Am I allowed to re-invent these parts?

Shouldn't all these things simply fade away in the glory of the One who made me?

2 Corinthians 5:17:

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're Growing Up.

I'm graduating in May. Today I officially agreed to dedicate the next year of my life to campus ministry with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Sonoma State University. It feels good to know what I'm doing for the next year!
I was just replying to an email my friend Aimee sent me and reflecting on life. She just graduated from Cal Baptist in December and is leaving in early May for Cambodia. She will be working with an organization that combats human trafficking on a variety of levels. It seems like Aimee and I haven't really known each other that long, but in reality we've been good friends for five years.
Our friends from SSU Katie and Phil just got engaged last Thursday. I was talking to our friend Heather and she has known Katie since 7th grade. She said all she could think about when Katie told her was the first time they met in junior high and Katie was running around the hallways all awkward in leggings.
Earlier this week I was thinking about the first time I met all my current roommates. Freshman year, we were all scared and strange little 18 year olds on their own for the first time, looking for a friend. There is no way we would have though that some of us would spend the next four years together. How much I will miss the ones who are moving on!
O how the Lord has blessed me with good friends and wonderful fellowship in my life! He is growing us into men and women who follow after the calling of the Gospel. Aimee will literally be setting the captives free with her ministry in Cambodia. Phil, along with one of my long-time roommates Ashley, will continue to preach the Gospel of repentance and forgiveness of sins at Santa Rosa Junior College. My roommate Jen is choosing to enter into Sonoma's Multiple Subjects Credential program in hopes of creating change through early education. By the love of the Lord and following the movements of the Spirit the world will be changed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Good

This past week I've just been reminded time and time again how good God can be.

Its been really nice.

I like these reminders.

How has God been Good in your life recently?