Monday, February 25, 2013

Snipets from a Saturday

I've recently decided that I want more photos of my life.  As children, my sisters and I used to pour over the photo albums that our parents had created over the years, from their own childhoods (they were darn cute kids themselves!) to dating, our dad's days of Amy basic training, our mom's hours spend in nursing school.  Then came their wedding, complete with a fantastic photo of our mom's dad holding about 3 empty champagne bottles in each hand, the births of Sarah, Kate, myself, and then Megan.  In between those, we have documentation of birthdays, Sarah's first taste of Leatherby's Ice Cream, and the annual pumpkin picking done in Oma and Opa's backyard (there is one photo in particular where all four of us have almost identical haircuts--the infamous bowl cut.  Super cute in an early 90's type way).

In light of that, I have documented a few things from last Saturday morning. 

There is this really fantastic bakery in the Platte Park neighborhood of Denver.  It's called Buffalo Doughboy Bakery, and is absolutely delicious.  They make some of the best savory croissants I have ever had.  Justin and I went for breakfast last weekend.  Ohman. Sogood.

Look at that brioche!  It had a mildly spicy sausage, lots of spinach, and just enough cheese to glue it all together and give it enough saltiness.

(Also, yes, that is a real-deal bear claw stuffed with almond paste--waaaay better than anything you could find at the donut store.)

Enjoying the grub.

Rumor has it that some computer models are coming out with 3-D and scent technology.  Maybe if you try hard enough,  you can smell these...

Don't we all wish.  Well, you can just come do Denver for a visit and I promise to take you there.

This is a result of what happens when I need to get creative and come up with some sort of wrapping paper.  I had a baby shower to go to this afternoon, but had no sort of wrapping for it.  Thanks to Whole Foods for providing me with the paper bags.  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Repeat.  Clearly I'm not an art major.  But I can get some points for creativity, right?

Do you have any favorite local bakeries?  Interesting gift-wrapping techniques?