Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day in the Life of...

7:15 Alarm goes off. Reset for another ten minutes.
7:25 Wake up for real. Shower and dry hair.
8:13 Tea kettle whistles. Lipton is in the making.
8:30 Re-read Isaiah 24. It confuses me and yet helps enlighten Romans 8.
8:40 Heading out to door and making my way to Petaluma.
8:54 Arrive at the Merwin's house, sit in the car for the remaining six minutes.
9:00 Walk into the house only to scare Bob when I come around the corner. He didn't hear me sneak in.
9:48 Dramatically unplug the coffee maker to avoid more overflowing of coffee and grounds all over the counter. Clean up ensues.
11:39 Think about how fall just makes me want to sit inside and bake all day. Contemplate asking Brenda if I can do that. Then reality kicks in...there is laundry to do.
12:30 Lunch time. Applesauce, string cheese, mashed potatoes, and lunch meat. Smorgasbord.
3:50 After an afternoon of laundry and bookkeeping, I'm off to taking Bobby to martial arts class.
4:22 Last minute decision to run to Goodwill and pick up some tapes for the tape deck in my car. Victory.
4:58 Cannot help but to laugh hard when what I think is going to be MCHammer turns out to be Mariachi love ballads. Leave it in the tape player for my roommates to enjoy.
6:03 Start preparing dinner and find that stuffed chicken is not as easy as it seems.
7:00 Inspiration for blog comes. Blogging follows.