Friday, September 6, 2013

Things I've Learned While Being Engaged

Just a few thoughts:

  • Just after it happens, some people won't even say hi to you.  They just grab for your left hand and stare.  This will become semi-normal.
  • You will get asked more about wedding planning than anything else.
  • "Do you have a date yet?" will become the most annoying question received within the first month of engagement.
  • You probably should learn more about diamonds, because you will get asked about clarity, weight, color, cut grades, etc.  Your fiance presumably did when he went shopping, and "it's pretty and sparkly" won't cut it.
  • Renting linens will amount to highway robbery.  We got quotes as high as $100 an hour.  For tablecloths, people.  It literally is cheaper to buy them.  And you can resell them on Craigslist and possibly get all your money back. 
  • Guest lists need to be attacked first and foremost, just after the budget.  People may try to invite themselves to your nuptials and after party, and this creates a very awkward situation if you didn't plan on having them.  Learn to say no gracefully.
  • You will spend approximately 12 years worth of time the week after getting engaged on the phone talking to anyone you have ever met.  Because they want to know. every. single. little. detail.  Even if they didn't know you were dating someone.
  • If you dated for only a short period of time, you need to come up with some good responses for the "Wow!  That's fast!" remarks.  Yes, yes it was.  Thankyouverymuch.
  • The best advice I got was from my friend Bethany.  She said, "Tamsen, wedding planning will be as stressful as you let it be."  Note taken. (And it is very true.)
  • While registering for gifts, the guy really wants to scan everything with the scanner thing.  It's fun to watch.  
  • People will immediately start asking about when you will pop out babies.
  • On the baby note, you may start researching birth control options like mad, only to find out that there are waaaay more morale issues to it that you originally thought. And hormones can be a little freaky.
  • You may find an exorbitant amount of satisfaction in making spreadsheets.  And color-coding them.
  • It's easy to let planning rule every date night or hangout that you have with your wonderful fiance. It's good to not let this happen, and have a date be a date be a date.  You can plan at another time.
  • Stop looking at Pinterest.  Seriously.  There are way too many ideas out there that will make you go crazy and blow up your budget.
  • It's best to enjoy the process instead of being stressed.  If things get stressful, look at your to-do list and start delegating.  People most likely will enjoy (or even offer) to help out.