Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Process of Elimination...

In trying to discover what the rest of my life has for me career-wise, I have decided to come up with a list of things that I am almost certain will not happen. Not to say that they never never never will or that God can't do incredible things, but I don't think these are on the list.

-Cake Decorator. For our student leadership Christmas party, I was put in charge of making the cupcakes. We had decided to be creative and place them on the table like a Christmas tree, with some being green for the tree, some brown for the trunk, and purple and yellow ones for the ornaments. One of the other staff members had purchased the mixes and the ingredients to make butter-cream frosting from scratch, as well as telling me how to do it a couple of days before. I thought to myself, "Awesome! I love this job. By far the best one to have. Its going to be a piece of cake."
Yeah right! Butter-cream frosting and I did not agree. It was too runny, the butter did not cream with the sugar, and the brown for the tree trunk actually did look like a tree trunk! The texture was all wrong and definitely not smooth like real frosting should be. One of the students, bless her heart, came up to me and asked how I made the brown ones actually look like real trees! Cake decorating--OUT.

-Racecar Driving. Scary drivers do precisely that-scare me! Why on earth would want to ever go that fast?

-A Therapist. For part of the student leadership training before the spring semester, we had the entire staff and leadership team take a spiritual gifts test that we got from a huge church somewhere in the Midwest. I scored high on a number of things, but when it came down to the gift of Mercy, I only had one out of twelve. Machiavelli, apparently I agree with you. Better to be feared than to be loved.

-Someone who Works at a Plant Nursery. Within the past six months, I have effectively killed three orchids, and soon a poinsettia will be on the list as well. Rest in peace, plants. I tried to love you well. On a better note, my "money tree" is thriving, thanks to the fact that I only really need to water it once a month (also thanks to Shannon, my wonderful friend who bought it upon my graduation!).

-A Wedding Coordinator. I love a good wedding just as much as the next person, but after seeing four within a span of six weeks, you get a little tired out. And they can be stressful!! Never mess with a bride on her wedding day. She will not like jokes until after the ceremony is done and she has had something to eat. I think the extent of my sympathy for a stressed bride would be to throw a granola bar in her general direction and tell her to check her teeth before she takes the pictures.