Monday, December 6, 2010


For my birthday (which, don't worry, was in August), I requested a pair of hiking boots. My parents decided that instead of buying a pair I didn't like or want, they would just give me some money and I could pick them out myself. Good plan! I love my boots!

My friend Matt worked at REI at the time and helped me pick them out. Honestly, I felt a little silly climbing up on the fake rock to test them out, but its still fun. I just wish it was bigger!

My first trip was to Hood Mountain Regional Park. It is beautiful up there! I went by myself (don't tell my mom!) in the middle of the week. I had wanted to be better about spending longer periods of time in silence and solitude in order to be better at listening to God. The times in the past I have done it have been very refreshing and insightful, so I was looking forward to doing it again. I had had a really strange and slightly disturbing dream a few days before that brought up some things to think and pray through, so I left my house anticipating somewhat of an emotionally hard day. As excited as I was to be outdoors spending lots of time with Jesus, I was a little nervous about what He was going to bring up.

I drive and drive and drive up this one mountain until I think I miss the turn, until I finally see the signs for the park. Praise Jesus! I didn't get lost. I'm currently the only car in the parking lot. Perfect.

I throw on my backpack full of lunch, water, journal, and bible. I start to walk to the trailhead, and making sure that no one is near to think that I am a crazy person talking to myself, I start to pray aloud. I asked God to be working in the harder parts of my life, to be healing the bruised spots in my heart from a previous relationship, and to show me where to move forward. But, to my surprise, this day of contemplation was not what the Lord had planned for me. I found that my mind and my heart was not fully immersed in that prayer. My spirit was discontent with being contemplative in that manner. I found myself grinning ear to ear as I wandered up and down the mountain, by the creek, hopping the stream, and walking in the meadows. Even when I was getting my butt kicked by a particularly steep section of the trail, I literally was giddy. My heart could not dream of being discontent while I was doing something so enjoyable! God was working in my heart a spirit of refreshment and of joy.

The heavens declare the glory of God, and they sky above proclaims his handiwork.
Psalm 19:1

Enjoy my day with me.

The Beginning

He makes me lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside still waters.
Psalm 23:2

This is where I ate my lunch and stared out at the hills.

Pretty thistles

And the very tired but happy hiker.

Some Late Night Poetry

Sometimes good writing can happen at inopportune when I want to sleep. But then when it is done, I don't regret spending some more time awake.

Tulips in the spring
Slowly wake up
They send out feelers
From the ground
Through the snow and dirt.
Thick stalky leaves wink at the sun
Looking forward to the coming of seasons.

As the snow melts away
The leaves and stems grow
To be a support and a pedestal
For a colorful bloom.
February has marched into April,
The temperature warms, and she always
Turns her face towards the sun.

But the sun turns on her
And withers first her velvety petals,
Stealing the crown of beauty
That once sat upon her long neck.
As May turns to June, almost all is lost.

There she lies, a mere shadow
And lump of brown root.
Her Gardner thought once or twice
Of excavating, of unearthing from the
Dirt filled niche,
But that was too long ago. He has

Forgotten still, she sits through
The hardened shell keeps her safe,
Warm, comforted.
There is nothing.
Just a shell of what used to be.

And with time comes Spring.
And with death there is life.
And with Spring comes tulips.