Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Shakespearean Observation

I think the boy sitting two seats down from me in my Shakespeare class has been ostracised. He is one of our resident theatre kids. There are five of them in this class, they all sit in the back corner and laugh at all the nerdy theatre jokes they make. All up until Wednesday.
On Wednesday, the pale, boyish looking young man sat two seats down from me at the end of the row, the furthest distance away from the others. He had arrived early today, and as the others walked into class, there were no exchanged greetings, eye contact was avoided by both parties. He sits, keeping his eyes on the Othello manuscript. A girl sits next to him, he says hello. He returns to the text.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Handouts, Pizza, and Wiggly Hair

Handouts, Pizza, and Wiggly Hair. This is what happened at the Pray Family Household Sunday night. It was the unofficial reunion for "Season 1 College Groupers" as Carly called it. There were a few exceptions to the rule, mainly myself and two other guys. Needless to say, I was rewarded the standing of "Season 1.5."
So Tamsen, What is up with that title? Well, Dear Reader, I will tell you. The Prays fed us pizza. Honestly, what else would you serve a bunch of college students for dinner? Little Ceasar's did the job and our bellies were filled. Desert was complete with a re-gifted tin of fancy popcorn from my father which he had recieved from one of his sixth grade students. Kate also contributed to this fun gathering by making cake mix cookes. They were a hit!

The Wiggly Hair is a combined effort from Jon, Carly, and Kate. Carly wants a perm, but not the one that everyone's 90 year old grandma has that is obioulsy fake. She wants a hybrid wave/curl thing to go on, and Kate produced the exact visual she needed. When asked what he thought of this visual, Jon said, "Carly, you mean like wiggly hair?" Yes, wiggly hair. Thus the phrase will stand in infamy for all of eternity. Thank you, Jon!

And I realize that I have yet to explain the Handouts section of the title. Just you wait! Here it is: Carly, in the later hours of the get together, was feeling a little burst of spring cleaning coming on early. So that is what she did. She ransacked her closet and decided to give away some clothes that she didn't wear any more! Of course we all want free things, so the girls and I grab what we can. Amanda comes away with the most, and proceeds to wear it-all at the same time. She had on about four shirts and two and a half sweaters before things got too warm for her liking. I came out of it with a "funky fresh" courdoroy blue jacket with chunky faux-fur lining from Old Navy, a pair of mom shoes, a somewhat bizzare vase that will find its way mystereously into my kitchen, and a pretty cool little candle that will suddenly appear in my living room.

As I sit and type about some of my favorite people, I think how blessed I am to have them in my life. Where else would I find such inspiration for great titles?

There they are: Jon, Cameron, Macy, and Carly.