Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

My word, where did May go?

I suppose it flew by as the following things happened:

Alison and I helped our friends the Custers move into their new home.  We originally planned on actually shoving around boxes and trying not to throw out our backs, but when we started on the road and called Fiona, she said that what they really needed was someone to watch the girls.  Not a problem!  

Here is the hardest working mover of the day--little, sweet Megan.

Olivia, their 3.5 year old kept on introducing herself to people whose names she couldn't remember.  When took Alison and I downstairs to show us her new room (painted pink and green, of course!), she finally came across some people she actually knew.  Upon seeing them, she knew she had an opportunity to introduce us and act like she knew what was going on.  But the results were not as she expected; instead of handshakes and cordiality, she caused an uproar of laughter.  "These are my granddaughters, Tamsen and Alison!"


My sister visited!  We started it out with lunch at my new favorite spot in downtown Littleton, The Fat Frog Cafe.  We ordered sandwiches and a S'mores crepe.  The crepe arrived midway through our sandwiches, and we literally stopped eating lunch to devour it.  Ohsogood.

We also went to the thrift store because I had 50% off coupons (call me a tightwad and laugh, and I will go along saving money using coupons at thrift stores.  Also I will laugh along with you because it is true).  While we are there, she finds this little gem:

Haven't seen a hair crimper since the early 90's?  Me neither.  She dubbed this the "best worst investment ever."  I think I would have to agree. All she needs is a neon mini skirt and an off-the-shoulder sweatshirt.

The band broke up.  And by that I mean the Skrabecs and I don't live together anymore.  With Amber also being in seminary now (yay!), they got offered a spot in the basement of a pastor's home.  And for all my California people, this isn't some creepy dirt-floor hole in the ground, from what I hear this thing is niiiiiiice.  Matt confessed the other day that they like to lay on the floor because the carpet is so wonderful.  

I ended up moving out a few weeks before them, because Justin and I were going to California and would be out of state when the lease was up.  So I got a darling little one bedroom apartment in downtown Littleton (just a 10 minute walk from the Fat Frog), complete with lots of sunny windows, a working air conditioning, a hall closet large enough to fit a third-world family, and hardwood floors.  Pavlov is getting more accustomed to the hardwood floors after skidding all over the place.  The first couple of days there he would only stay in my bedroom, where the carpet was secure enough for his little tootsies.

I'm so glad it doesn't look like this anymore.  But take cute of my fabulous red couch--only $50 off of Craigslist!

The day I signed my lease, Justin and I went to a concert of one of my favorite artists, Anais Mitchell.  So fabulous.  She also was 7 months pregnant at the time and looked super cute playing the guitar as it stuck out over her belly.  She and some other dude were opening for a show and played mostly songs from their new album together, which is only old Scottish and English folk ballads.  During the intermission, we got to meet her!  I was so starstruck all I could say was my name and that I had been listening to Hadestwon on repeat the last four years. She signed my vinyl copy of the album that Justin had sneakily acquired for me, and as we sat there for a few minutes, she asked about my name.  I gave her the abbreviated version of the story, and after I finished, she said, "Wow.  What a beautiful story.  As you can tell, I'm pregnant.  And my husband and I aren't finding out the gender of our baby until it comes.  But we are keeping our ears out for unique names.  I'll have to remember yours!"

Anais, pleasepleaseplease name your child after me. Thanks.

I rescued a lost dog!  Third one that I've rescued in the past year.  *toots own horn here*

Meet Sophie.  She ended up living across the street.

She wasn't lost for long, though.  Her owners came and picked her up about 45 minutes after I got her.  But she sure did give poor Pavlov a fright--she was large and happy and intimidating.  It never would have worked out anyway.

We went to California!  We spent two days with my family, got to see friends in Sacramento, went to a wedding, then drove up to Sonoma County to spend a few days in Cotati with my old house. So wonderful!

And of course we went to Leatherby's with the family.

And Acre Coffee with Heather.

Oh, and we got engaged.

As my friend James says in the most loving way, "Oh, you dirty dog."

We drove out to Bodega Bay and had dinner on the harbor.  Justin learned a lot about living by the ocean while on this little adventure--that on the Sonoma Coast, you aren't guaranteed sunsets because the fog and marine layer comes in around 6PM, and also that high tide can ruin your beach plans.  After dinner we went to the beach where he was planning on proposing, but there was no beach left!  Onto Plan B, a beach just a few miles south.  Much more sand on that one.  It was there, at Salmon Creek beach on June 3rd, that he dropped to his knee with overcast skies and the sound of the waves crashing in the background, and asked me to marry him. "Of course!"  I said.  

Team Sear coming October 2013.

We flew back to Colorado the next day, and that evening my dear, dear friends Danielle and Brian came to visit.  We went to the New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, bummed around old town for a bit, and had other shenanigans.  It was so fun to have them!  

Photo courtesy of  Danielle's Facebook.  :)

So, I suppose that is where May (and part of June) went.  It passed by busily, happily, and packed full of fun and adventure.